Saturday, July 24, 2004

Nemo, here I come!

Exactly two days ago I earned my Open Water Diver certification. Yeeehaaaa, I'm a real diver now!

As an open water diver I am allowed to dive as deep as 18 meters. So far, I have done four training dives in a dive site called Dili Rock in Tasitolu area, east of Dili. My cumulative bottom time to date is 2:06. That means I've spent two hours and six minutes of my life underwater.

Now I'm so thrilled to do the real thing! Can't wait for tomorrow's dive that my friends and I have planned. We are going to dive around the Atauro Island (a.k.a. Pulau Kambing) located off the northern coast of Timor. The strait between Dili and Atauro is said to be as deep as 3000m (3 km)! Imagine that. But of course I won't be diving as deep as that. Who knows what kind of monster is living there. I would like to see a lot more clown fish (Nemo), rock fish, lobster. And hoping be able to see a sea turtle swimming freely in the wild with my own eyes for the first time, not just an empty shell I saw in the souvenir market.


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